Side projects/short-term bands, recording sessions, guest appearances, miscellaneous freelance, fill-ins, etc:

Aine O’Doherty

Bad Rachael


Daniel Kasshu (L.D. Catastrophe)

The Dead Cells

Dialogue From A Silent Film

Golden Theme Antiques

Herman Mudgett

Jason Montagna

Joe Harvard


The Mysterious Noughts

No Neck

Pat Veil

Sex & Death

Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

Tickets To The Crash

Trevor Hahn & The Old Blood Band

Whiskey Bravado

…and many more.


Experimental & Avant Garde music presented by Small Socialisms Booking (featuring Jacko Monahan; ex-Fatal Rage & Dirge on vocals.)

The Identity Debt

The Ides of August

Lug Rust

Manned Garrison

Married To Moss

Milky Chicken Spit

Misssing Debussy

A Mountain Of Cards

Rain In The River

The Tardy Lates

There’s An Idiot in The Library

Weasels & Mumps